Diabetes is the number one cause of blindness. That is
why the Healthy Vision Institute has dedicated their
practice to saving diabetics from the going blind, and
even enjoying their best vision in years.
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The best way to treat diseases of the eye
is to prevent them from happening at all.
The Healthy Vision Institute we have
access to the latest state of the art DNA
testing to show us your risks for certain
diseases. These tests can give us years
advance warning and is an amazing war
on our fight against blindness.
They are also covered by most major
insurance plans.
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Diabetes used to mean a certain diagnosis
of blindness. But recent medical
advancements have made it possible to
save a person's sight where it was not
even a hope a few short years ago.
The Healthy Vision institute is dedicated
to using the latest, state of the art tools
and techniques to ensure your sight stays
with you for years to come.
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EXCLUSIVELY at the Healthy Vision
!  The Healthy Diabetic
is an unique social,
educational and networking event
designed to show diabetics the people
who are there to serve your needs and
help you gain the best health of your life.

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No matter where you live in Tampa Bay, there's a Healthy Vision Institute close to you.
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Telephone (727) - 738 - 5900             Fax  (727) - 738-5740
Telephone (727) - 738 - 5900             Fax  (727) - 738-5740
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